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Santander Consumer USA

Offers personal, business and commercial financial products with options for investments protection. There are services for individuals in all walks of life and financial situations. Let's start with the personal checking services.

Personal Banking Accounts

Student Value Checking
Dedicated for students that may of just started their first job, in high school or a senior in college. This account allow young consumers to understand the value of managing their finances from an early age. There are a couple of key features that makes this a great option for beginners. For ages 14-25.

- Absolutely No Minimum Monthly Fee.
- No minimum balance.
- Apply Pay compatible.
- Reduced ATM Fees.
- No incoming wire fees.
$10.00 opening deposit required.

This account does not bear interest. If you have questions about your account, please contact your local Santander Bank representative.

Basic Checking

Straightforward basic checking account for consumers looking to manage their money without complications. A simple way to deposit, withdraw and write checks for bill pays. See the features of basic checking below:

- Low monthly fee of $3.00.
- No minimum monthly balance.
- Access to easy to use banking app.
- Santander ProTECHtion.
 - $25.00 opening deposit required.

Simply Right Checking
Is an upgrade from basic checking as you have the option to waive the monthly fee with one transaction. Get the convenience and security of basic checking without the extra fees. Features listed below:

- $25.00 opening deposit required.
- No minimum balance required.
- Monthly fee waived with one transaction per calendar month.

A transaction is considered a withdrawal, deposit, transfer or payment from the selected account. This account does not bear interest.

Santander Select Checking
Account for consumers who are looking for more benefits, rewards and interest bearing. Receive priority service when calling in about any of your accounts. Features below:

- $25 deposit needed to open account.
- No minimum balance.
- Priority service by calling 855-678-2265
- No fee to use Santander ATM 30,000+ global locations.
- No international fees for using debit card purchases or withdrawals.
- Up to $30 rebate for ATM surcharges by other institutions.
- Priority overdraft protection.

Santander Bank Loan

Offer personal loans for all credit types and employment backgrounds. You can prequalify for a personal loan with no impact to your score. Needing a loan can be for reasons such as consolidating debt, emergency expenses or medical bills. There are many benefits of banking with Santander:
- No collateral required.
- $5,000 - $50,000
- Terms for 36 - 84 months.
- same day funding.
- no signup or prepayment fees.
- lower interest rates compared to payday loans.

What is Santander Protechtion?

It allows the consumer to have complete digital control of their accounts.  This consist of Touch and Face ID for Apple and fingerprint control for Android. Get alerts immediately to your phone for transactions in any account.
- Digital Banking Guarantee ( ask about their guarantee).
- Fraud protection.
- Easily activate or deactivate your debit or credit card.
- Change your pin from your phone or place card on hold if lost.

Does Santander Consumer Offer Car Loans?

Yes, car financing is available for all types of credit scores and situations. Auto loans for new and used vehicles with competitive interest loans rates can be applied for online.

What Are Basic Requirements For Auto Loans? 

When applying for an auto loan, Santander will require proof of income, valid license/ID and proof of residence. Proof of income can be a paystub or bank statements if self-employed. Must have 1 year of residency at your current address.

What Credit Bureau Does Santander Use?

Santander uses all three credit bureaus when making a decision for their loan process. Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

How Long Is The Grace Period?

7 to 15 days. Please contact by calling 888-222-4227 if you feel your going to be late.

Customer Service Phone Number and Address

Formerly know as Sovereign Bank, is a subsidiary of the Santander Group. Located in Boston Massachusetts and founded in October of 1902 in Pennsylvania. 

For customer service, the phone number is 877-768-2265. Headquarters current address is 110 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75247. Visit for login details or view more banking offers below.

In Conclusion

Santander Consumer USA offers a wide variety of financial products for customers of all backgrounds and needs.

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